Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) About CCFM

How did CCFM originate?

Upon the death of several spiritual fathers in and around the year 2000, a quorum of brothers and sisters of like precious faith gathered near the end of that year to make official the covenant relationships that already existed among them. This was done to provide for all of them a greater sense of connectedness, but without the legalistic burden that often accompanies other types of affiliations. That is, each ministry would retain its legal, fiscal, and visionary autonomy --- yet doctrinal, personal, and ministerial accountability and networking opportunities would be afforded.

What is the purpose of CCFM?

CCFM primarily exists to build the Body of
Christ and advance the Kingdom of God by enhancing and empowering leaders of local, regional, national, and international ministries. This will ultimately precipitate the fulfillment of God’s Purpose in and for all people, places, and things which these ministries impact --- individuals and groups, secular, civic, and sacred, from the personal and domestic to the corporate and global.

​Who may be a part of CCFM?

Anyone who is a Christian senior leader, i.e. pastor of a Christian church or legal head of a legitimate para-church entity (e.g. a Christian university, television network etc.), in the Body of Christ, the Church, may become a part of CCFM IF he or she is willing to submit and conform to CCFM and its Guiding Principles
(See Guiding Principles.).

Furthermore, anyone who is a secondary leader or member within that leader’s church or para-church organization may consider himself a part of CCFM, and most often this is so; however, individual cases may vary.

One may be a legal part of a denomination, etc. and still be a part of CCFM, for CCFM is a voluntary fellowship among brethren and sisters: it is not legally binding to anyone who is a part. No ministry has to surrender its deeds, titles, financial accounts to CCFM ---- CCFM is relational, not regulatory.

​How often do you meet?

The Annual Conference is held once per year. From the onset, CCFM was intended never to be a time burden to already busy ministries. We still reserve the right in the future to schedule
special meetings as needed. However, there are other major   events that are held regionally in
jurisdictions which are in affiliation with CCFM. They include, but are not limited to, The Door Of Hope Christian Church’s Annual Leadership Conference, Word of Deliverance’s Holy Convocation, The NY Leadership Alliance Conference, Overcoming Church’s Annual Leadership Conference, etc. Members of CCFM are encouraged to attend and support these  meetings.

In addition, there will be special meetings held periodically for the Bishops and the Pastors.

​What are the financial requirements for being a part of CCFM?

     1) Those who join CCFM are requested to submit a $50 application fee, thereby contributing to
          postage, printing, and other overhead expenses.

     2) There is no set annual assessment for the ministries / churches that are a part, but each
         church has been asked to bringa generous offering to the Conference each year that 
         will defray the expenses  of the Conference, according to financial ability of that ministry.

     3) Pastors and their members are expected to register in the Conference, which again covers
         Conference and Fellowship expenses.

     4) Practices such as tithing to the Fellowship or to the Presiding Prelate are not mandated;
         nevertheless, there may be individuals who do so, according to their personal convictions.

What is CCFM NOT?

CCFM is not a denomination in the traditional sense, although it has a “name” and it is a “grouping”. It is organized, but it is not a traditional “organization”. It is an organism, a reformation, a communion of men and women of like precious faith. It aspires to be a microcosm of the Body of Jesus Christ, feeding His feeders, developing His leaders.