The Fellowship of Kingdom Professionals

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The Fellowship of Kingdom Professionals is a personal and group-based empowerment initiative predicated upon this truth: all people were created for a God-given purpose, with God-given gifts to “Make something good; make something good, better”. A job is simply a task, but a work is a life’s purpose fulfilled. You were not born merely for a job. You were born to complete a work.

Consider God’s Work, simplified: In the Old Testament, He makes the world. In the New Testament, He makes the world better. And He invites mankind into His own work. FKP prepares people to respond to this great Invitation.

There are five main emphases for this Initiative:
Professionals will be given a Kingdom of God PERSPECTIVE of their vocations, careers, gifts, and callings in life. It will be made abundantly clear to them that God never established a line between the sacred and the secular: all things that He created, as He created them, are sacred. All activities and systems that He designed, as He designed them, are sacred. All work, undertaken for good, is sacred. All such work is the work of God. They will be challenged to embrace kingdom ethics in every area of professionalism: work, customer service, leadership development, team empowerment, etc.

Professionals will be challenged to embrace character PRINCIPLES, i.e., ethics, which are to govern all practices.

Professionals will be challenged and empowered to PRACTICES of kingdom excellence in every area of professionalism through mentorship, guilds, and opportunities for continuing education. This will include creating opportunities for younger professionals to profit from the proven strategies of their predecessors.

Professionals will have the opportunity for PARTNERSHIP, i.e., they will foster relationship, rapport, and camaraderie- life giving relationship - among those persons with whom they have the most in common. This will include creating an environment in which the “traumas” of professional service, e.g., handling “difficult people”, can be effectively addressed and overcome.

 Professionals will devote themselves to preparation for, and preparation of, their POSTERITY. As there is no success without successful successors, one of the key emphases of this movement must necessarily be ensuring and securing “generation NEXT”. They are to be exposed to the various professions while discovering and cultivating their own unique gifts. We will create an environment in which they may embrace the Kingdom of God at the earliest possible ages; consequently, they will be equipped to manifest the Kingdom in all the systems of the world.

 CCFM was never designed to be exclusively a fellowship of churches. As a matter of fact, CCFM is not primarily a fellowship of churches at all. It is primarily a fellowship of leaders. These leaders happen to be, in large part, leaders of churches. However, the M in CCF-M stands for “Ministries”. And these ministries may be churches, but they are not limited to churches in the traditional sense. We fully expect and prepare for radio networks, television networks, educational institutions, non-profit corporations, and even for-profit business entities to be associated.

Even as the CCFM-LI (Leadership Institute) represents an unfolding of the educational wing of our fellowship, FKP will represents the unfolding of our outreach and in-reach into the marketplace and into what is most often thought of as secular business and arts arenas. We believe that not only heaven but “The earth is the Lord’s…” Psalm 24:1

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works,

 which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

 Ephesians 2:10​​