Greetings from Bishop Blue


Greetings in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Praise be unto God for the awesome things that He is doing in the Body of Christ in this prophetic moment in which we live: He has done all things well. This document is designed to share the purpose for which God has called us together to comprise the Christian Covenant Fellowship of Ministries. Simply stated, it is more important now than ever for brothers and sisters to be vitally connected, to God, and to one another. For God is a God of RELATIONSHIP. ​

God’s original design was that each individual be conceived and born through a loving relationship: marriage. He intended for human beings to be sustained and enhanced by a nurturing relationship: parent / child. It is our relationships that make life worth living and ministry worth giving. Whether marital, parental, sibling, or other, the most important things in life are relationships.

Let’s look closer at the classic relationship between a man and a woman. Each of them may be successful in life on his / her own, having gained an education, career, etc. Furthermore, let us say that one or both of them have had previous negative romantic or family experiences that have damaged their perspective of relationships. Yet, as they mature and “move past the past”, they begin to realize that in spite of what they’ve been through, they still want and need someone: a renewed consciousness arises. It is the awareness that they were made to share themselves with someone else, for their good--- they are wired to give unselfishly to another’s deepest needs, and to have one’s own need for affection and commitment met as well. They can no longer deny their God-given impulse to be connected.

By the grace of God these two meet, they become acquainted, and eventually, they fall in love. This is the RELATIONSHIP.

Shortly thereafter, he voices what has been on her mind as well; “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” What he is proposing is that they enter into a STRUCTURE (marriage) which will support and protect their RELATIONSHIP. That structure, in Biblical terms, is called a COVENANT.

This is CCFM’s premise. It is about forming and strengthening a special kind of relationship within the Body of Christ, particularly among leaders. It is called COVENANTAL RELATIONSHIP. Different covenants have differing provisions, but this particular covenant, CCFM, is not about bishops or pastors intruding into each other’s treasuries, legal corporate matters, or the affairs of others’ local churches. It is about leaders being of mutual benefit to other leaders of “like precious faith”--- in a relationship that provides Christian affection, augmentation, and accountability (personal and doctrinal).

It is about leaders being connected to other visionaries for information, affirmation, and inspiration. It is about sons / daughters being fathered and mothered, brothers / sisters finding true brothers / sisters in Christ, someone who will rejoice with them that rejoice as well as weep with those who weep. It is about a friend sharpening another friend, for greater effectiveness in ministry and in life. ​If any of these things resonate within your spirit, then please read on. God bless you as you do so.

Sincerely, ​

Michael A Blue, ​

Presiding Prelate - CCFM