UPGRADE Registration use this form.

Bishop / Pastor / Co-Pastor Registration use this form.

Redeeming Product: Media product can only be redeemed by the registrant. All media product will be shipped to all participants.  

Please select the speaker and media type of your choice. Upgrade Registrants may immediately submit this shipping card to the CCFM Product Information Team located near the Registration areas.


Product shipping will begin on July 10th  and conclude July 31st, 2018. If you have not received your product by July 31st, 2019, please contact the Door of Hope Christian Church at (843) 423-0340 or ccfm.info@gmail.com.

Bishop / Pastor / Co-Pastor Registration receives the  media on CD and DVD. All Evening Sessions Wednesday - Friday and the Saturday General Session.

UPGRADE Registration receives the entire media on CD and DVD. All Sessions Day and Evening.

General, Deacon, Auxiliary Heads, Licensed Clergy, and Ordained Clergy use this form.