Set Up Times: 5:00 PM Wed – FRI


8:00 AM on Saturday

Option 1:
1 Session

Option 2:
2 Sessions

Option 3:
3 Sessions

Option 4:
4 Sessions

Currently Day Session vending is not available, if that changes we will list times and prices.


All vending requests are subject to approval, depending on the product, material, or service being offered. When your vending application is approved, you will receive your official CCFM vendors’ badge along with a receipt for the vending fee, which will be mailed to the address that you provide on this form. In the event that your product, material, or service is deemed to be inconsistent with the values of this Fellowship Conference, your application fee will be refunded to you promptly. Please retail only the items that you have listed on this application: it is the right of CCFM to ask you to desist or to depart if you deviate from our agreement. Vending fees are non-refundable if you deviate from the terms of this form or fail to vend at the Conference. Vending is only authorized at the Florence Civic Center during the specified times listed on this form. Vendors must accept placement designated by the CCFM Representative who handles Vending.We look forward to seeing you at the Conference!

(Active vending will take place prior to the worship service and after the evening message.)

Vendors are required to desist vending when the plenary speaker stands and may resume after he / she is finished ministering.