Welcome to the CCFM Nation!

Welcome to CCFM 2019

A Fellowship and A Conference! 

CCFM, the FELLOWSHIP, is a network that   exists to facilitate a special kind of relationship among leaders within the Body of Christ. 

‚ÄčIt is called a covenant relationship. Different covenants have differing provisions, but this particular covenant, CCFM, has no involvement with the legal, fiscal, and visionary identity or autonomy of any leader, church, business, or other entity affiliated within it.  Instead, this covenant is about leaders mutually supporting other leaders, giving and receiving affection, augmentation, and accountability (doctrinal, ministerial, and personal ) in the Spirit of Christ.   

It is about visionaries being connected to other visionaries, whether sons/daughters being fathered and mothered, or brothers/sisters finding true brothers/sisters in Christ, they find someone who will rejoice with them that rejoice as well as weep with those who weep. It is about a friend "sharpening" another friend, for greater effectiveness in life and in ministry.   We are one in Christ, working together to honor God and to bless people!

CCFM, the CONFERENCE, exists to serve this Fellowship and all others who allow us to minister to them. This Conference offers training and leadership development in various cultural contexts: ministry, business, finances, health and more - all of which empower the whole person! If any of these things resonate within your spirit, come join us on June 20-23, for CCFM Conference 2018, "THE SUMMIT"!