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This is our 22nd Conference Year! CCFM primarily exists to build the Body of Christ and advance the Kingdom of God by enhancing and empowering leaders of local, regional, national, and international ministries. We held our first gathering in 2001; and God has been gracious ever since. 

​CCFM is not a denomination in the traditional sense, although it has a “name” and it is a “grouping”. It is organized, but it is not a traditional “organization”. It is an organism, a reformation, a communion of men and women of like precious faith. It aspires to be a microcosm of the Body of Jesus Christ, feeding His feeders, developing His leaders. 



Participation, as always, is FREE: however, YOU MUST ENROLL!


Christian Covenant Fellowship of Ministries

401 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

Marion, SC 29571

Phone: (843) 423-0340

Admission into the CCFM Conference has always been FREE! However, you may choose to financially support CCFM and partner with us by registering  YOUR CCFM 2022 SUMMIT BUNDLE! Each Registration Packet is filled with wonderful gifts for you to enjoy after the Summit is over!  

A summit is literally, the top of a mountain. A summit is also a high-level business meeting, with high level leaders collaborating. The prophet Isaiah writes, "And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountains of the LORD's house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it." Isaiah 2:2 

Many traditional Bible readers assert that we are in the last days, for various reasons. The things that are lifted up about the last days are typically meteorological phenomena, violence, pestilences, etc. However, there is another last days sign - there is a mountain that will exceed all others, transcend all others. It is the mountain of the Lord's House. The true House of the Lord is not a physical structure of metal, wood, or stone. The House of the Lord is Jesus Christ, and those in whom He dwells: corporately, we comprise the "Dwelling Place" of the Eternal One. 

The Kingdom of God shall, through the House of the Lord - Christ and His Body - supersede every other system that affects mankind. However, in order to grasp greater strategy as to how the House of the Lord shall advance, there must be convened the periodic high-level business meeting, with the King present - "The KING's SUMMIT". And who is invited? All who are created to lead - so that is all of humanity. They must find the King: they must learn His Ways and His Word, so that they may become what they were ordained to be, "Makers and Shapers of Culture". This has been our Conference theme since at least 2014, and by the help of God we will continue to lift up this important declaration in the earth.

Blessings upon each of you, and upon all that you touch for His Glory! We'll see you inside.

Your ServantS for God's Sake,

+Michael & Malinda Blue

We will host the CCFM Conference EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE! YOU are welcome! We believe this is another fulfillment of one of our cherished sayings, “Watch it unfold!” The “it” refers to God’s vision for this Fellowship, this Conference, and all of our lives. 

As we have attempted to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, we have seen evidence that this is the Father’s Will. Get ready for "BREAKTHROUGH".  We welcome you! Be blessed in this meeting, for it is YOUR Conference - your Father is the King - This is THE KING's SUMMIT!