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Christian Covenant Fellowship of Ministries - 401 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Marion, South Carolina 29571


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Welcome to our Giving page! Your generous contributions play a vital role in advancing our mission and making a positive impact in the world. Every donation, regardless of its size, brings us one step closer to achieving our goals.

Our Journey

In December of 2000, a group of ministers from South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (NC), and Ohio (OH) gathered to share their heartfelt concerns and aspirations. While their congregations operated as autonomous entities, they collectively recognized the need for personal and doctrinal accountability and a deeper sense of interconnectedness within the Body of Christ. This led to the formation of the Christian Covenant Fellowship of Ministries (CCFM) with Bishop Blue chosen to lead this new fellowship.

The group's initial meeting inspired them to convene a conference in May 2001, hosted at the newly constructed sanctuary of the Door of Hope Christian Church in Marion, SC. This inaugural conference surpassed all expectations, bringing together leaders and congregants for a time of worship, prayer, study, and strategic planning. It became evident that this endeavor was more than a good idea; it was a God-idea.

Our Impact Today

Since those formative years in 2000 and 2001, our Fellowship and Conference have experienced remarkable growth. Our affiliated churches and ministries are now spread across multiple states, including SC, NC, MD, NJ, PA, NY, IL, OH, WI, IN, FL, GA, and VA. Over the years, these covenant ministries have actively supported one another, fostering unity through love, prayer, encouraging visits, and resource sharing. This collaborative spirit has generated ongoing momentum for development.

Friends of CCFM

 The “FRIENDS of CCFM”  initiative is an opportunity for those who have been blessed in CCFM’s past and believe in itspresent to invest in its future. From as little as the weekly cost of a “fast food meal” to as much as a person ororganization chooses to invest: together, we can make an eternal difference!

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