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Welcome to HeirSpace - Empowering the Next Generation!


For years, we've gathered at CCFM's King's Summit to be edified, refilled, recharged, and instructed. Our leaders have provided a safe place for those who lead and created a space for the successors who will eventually take their places.

K4K2, "The Kingdom is for Kids Too," has been integral to our fellowship, ministering to our youngest attendees. The experiences we've had have been incredible. We've prayed, taught, learned about the Word of God, and had fun at various events.

As both a fellowship and a youth ministry, we've grown. Our goal is to equip the youth to walk in their calling when the time comes.

Galatians 4 speaks of heirs who haven't reached maturity but are still lords. They'll walk in that calling at the appointed time. We want to secure our youth's airspace, equipping them to walk in the dominion granted by God

We're not just babysitting or having playtime; we're empowering future leaders.

Thank you for your unwavering support. We're excited about this journey and the incredible things God will do through HeirSpace!


Welcome to HeirSpace - Empowering the Next Generation!



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